Mini gerbeur ergonomique R.55 en acier
  • Handle R-55 with Up & Down push-button
  • Breaking system: central bar with 3 positions for greater ease
  • Anti-crushing system: disengagement pulley securing the lowering of the tool.
  • Reliable engine, load limiter with reinforced belt transmission
  • Aluminium and Steel IP 44 version
  • Robust and modular design
  • Wide choice of configurations (Legs, masts, power)
  • Tool holder that can accommodate a range of mechanical and electric tools with quick change system.
  • Standard lead-acid batteries
  • Great manoeuvrability thanks to its ABS wheels mounted on ball bearings
  • Innovative design giving it a usability
  • Many possible options: quick tool change kit, constant level…





Our ergonomic trolley R.55 has been designed to simplify the lives of workers who handle heavy loads on a daily basis, offering a certain ergonomics and a load capacity of up to 55 kg.

This ergonomic solution has been conceived to provide optimal comfort during the transportation of heavy loads. With its ergonomic design and intuitive features, it reduces fatigue and prevents the risk of injuries associated with handling heavy loads.

Whether you work in a warehouse, factory, store, or any other professional environment where lifting and moving loads are common, our trolley is here to make your job easier.



CMU  55 Kg
Material Steel Stainless Steel
Command type Standard up and down button
Battery indicator On the handle control unit
Battery type 2 AGM (Tot : 24 V – 9 Ah)
Charger Externe – 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Number of cycles 150 to 250 cycles
Recharge time 7,5 hours for 100%