In the complex world of logistics and warehouse management, carton handling is an essential daily task. The introduction of handling tools specifically designed for this task is not only beneficial, but necessary, as it offers considerable advantages in terms of safety, operational efficiency and preserving the quality of goods.

The need for handling tools adapted to cardboard boxes stems from the diversity of pack sizes, weights and shapes. Our trolleys and handling tools make it easier to lift, move and store boxes ergonomically. By minimising the physical effort required, these solutions reduce the risk of accidents and promote a safer, more productive working environment.

The adoption of handling tools dedicated to cardboard boxes is an unavoidable necessity in the context of modern logistics. Our products offer tangible benefits in terms of safety and operational efficiency. By investing in these solutions, you can ensure that you not only meet the challenges of carton handling, but also optimise your overall logistics processes.


Reglift designs handling trolleys and ergonomic tools that offer an alternative to carrying heavy loads.


<img src="Chariot en acier Reglift pour carton.png" alt="Chariot en acier Reglift pour la manutention de carton" />


<img src="Solution ergonomique de manutention pour carton.png" alt="Solution ergonomique Reglift de manutention pour carton" />



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